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Personally from what i have read, its nothing more than a platitude to a *few* contributors.

I can tell you now, that IF i had contributed to HOL and found water marks on it, i would feel both cheated and violated that my time and effort has been CLAIMED for direct ownership to the HOL database... its not right and YOU KNOW IT.

I am getting agitated now, because this once beautiful resource is now being *securityfied* not for the uses and the community... no .... but for the contributers... like WHY if you want some SPECIAL accolade for your efforts, be happy and revel in the community l33tism sucks arse.

Remember that you are doing for the people not for your own gratification.

Like Viddi and a lot of others, i use HOL for box scans for both art as well as inspiration and yes 80% for what i use HOL for, a water mark is fine but the option to d/l without it would be a perfect blend of the problems you have described..

On the other hand... please understand this....

I cannot explain the deep respect that i have for both you and the whole HOL team... i cannot put into words what i feel HOL is worth to the community..

so now understand how i must feel when i say that this move to Water Mark these images... is TOTAL and UTTER BOLLOCKS

show me ALL of these multitude of sites that steal said images and content... remember a database is nothing more than text and picture.... if two database get their info from the same source (back of a game box) then there gonna have the same entries!!!!

sorry ... thats how i feel.... you platitude a few because of IMHO a couple of 'possible' small site infractions that mean absolutely NOTHING, your efforts are appreciate by the community! be happy with that... infact revel in it.... release a portable HOL for other sites to use... STOP BEING LEET

The HOL TEAM should consider themselves Honoured and Proud to have their work copied or requested... you have created something for the community that is not only without words it is without rivial!!...

you made it for the community.... you cannot give something then take it back... you may structure it.... you may well guide its course... but as its community you cannot control it.... or it will slip through your fingers!

Please understand... how i feel, you guys are legend in my book, indeed i do feel as though i walk alongside god like figures when I interact with all of you. but your efforts ARE appreciated, to water mark them is send the wrong signal to the community.... as HOL is a database... offer it to classic sites... make HOL known from the outer heebrodies to the tim buk tu.

On a legal point, which my friend I am sure you are aware... i am pretty sure you dont have 100% agreements on all BOX scans... and not only by holding this content its technically illegal, slapping a watermark of property is really flouting it.

HOL is at risk of becoming what it seeks not to advocate... a product not a project...

Please..... reconsider this maneuver to water mark..... ask the community what they want....

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