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Originally Posted by Braddo View Post
I'm after a decent browser for 68000, I'm not sure what IBrowse requires and their downloads don't work so I can't try it. AWeb APL need 020+, the original Aweb does run on 68000 but it is no longer available for download, if someone has this plus a keyfile I would appreciate it.
IBrowse requires 020+ and has done from the early days, so it's no use to you on a 68000 machine. AWeb 3.2 is probably the best fit for a 68000 machine in terms of a trade-off between utility and hardware requirements. It requires KS3.0 and 2Mb ram (4Mb recommended)- hopefully your machine possesses this; if not, I'd suggest you forget the idea of graphical browsing on a 68000 machine altogether. Normally, I wouldn't recommend graphical browsing on an Amiga without at least an 030 (which is painful enough IMHO), but I get the sense that you're determined to try this out for yourself anyway!

BTW if you have 3Mb ram or more, I can upload AWeb 3.4 (the last 68000 version before it went APL).....just let me know. Erm, happy browsing!
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