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I couldn't have put it better.
...but I'll try: (post-count to think of)
The newest console I own is a PS1. When I want fancy GFX I run the PS1 games in ePSXe.
I've got what was a 'kick-ass' water-cooled AthlonXP-M, DFI, bla-bla, PC a few years ago for playing the latest games...
...a few months ago I built a similar 'gaming-rig' to play the current crop. Guess what? I hardy ever use it. The older-rig got relegated to media-center duties but I'm still mostly using it as that's the one hooked up to a projector & I can use it from the couch...

Why? It's not because I'm a retro-freak (though I am). It's because the 'new games' bring nothing new so I haven't had any reason to buy them.

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