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I think the games industry at the moment has reached a stalemate.

In the days of Amiga, Megadrive and SNES it was platform games that ruled the roost. Pretty much every other game was a platformer.

Move onto Playstation One and its Tomb Raider and other FPS with adventure elements thrown in.

And all of a sudden, platform games are binned on PS1, and EVERYTHING is FPS or FPSA (arcade).

We are now in 2008, and other than flashier graphics and better effects, the games themselves HAVEN'T moved on. Pretty as Bioshock and Uncharted are, the actual basic gameplay hasn't changed from the games on PS1.

So is this it now? Is this all we are going to get? More of the same?

I don't think its got necessarily anything to do with the Amiga, I think its more the era the machine was born into, that games companies were far more willing to experiment with different genres, but now they are all owned by large corporations, and the cost of games has shot up, they simply don't want to take a chance anymore.

So we'll keep on getting FPS games, and countless versions of Fifa.

I very nearly bought a PS3 yesterday, but decided against it. Not because I couldn't afford it, but simply because other than the graphics being in a higher resolution to my PS2, there simply isn't enough variation. Certainly if you took away some of the graphic trickery away from some of the latest PS3 games, the PS2 could do competant versions.

I'm not paying £44 for a game that PLAYS no differently to anything on PS2, and thats the problem for me.

The future of gaming has never looked so bleak!
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