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(Hi all btw)

What's all this gameplay that was so much better on old games? You mean the way the cars in Lotus games just bounced their way from side to side around the track? Or the way the characters in Mega-lo-mania just moved like flies around an area when you placed your map? These were all limitations forced by the machines that programmers don't have to put up with anymore.

You should be thrilled about what we can do now in games! There is lots of indie stuff too thats fun if you get sick of the chart fodder. So many different machines doing innovative things.

The other day I realised just what we have now is what we actually always dreamt phones with games on then with hi-res colour screens, thats amazing! Huge *flat* screens. Computers that are beyond the super computers we cood over that did The Last Starfighter and such like. Thin handhelds with dual screens with touch stuff. Its awesome!

I think most of us just miss our youths, our mates and things like that. I love my Amiga so much and every now and then I get it out but for games I am soon reminded why I left it alone and embraced the SNES, tech just moves on.
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