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Question 40 or 50mhz?

In REAL performance terms, how much difference is there between a 40mhz & a 50mhz A1200 accelerator card? The reason I ask is i've had a 50mhz Microbotics card in my 1200 for over a year & while I've been happy wiv the card it's one of those which is not actually recognised at boot up when ya do the press & hold yer mouse button thingy! Also you have to make an entry into your startup sequence to load a program which configures your ram which otherwise wouldn't be recognised! At the moment I've got a 40mhz card in my machine which I've just repaired & I'm thinking I might keep this one & sell the Microbotics one. Why? you might be asking, well the reason is purely that this card +Ram IS recognised by my 1200 at bootup! But I'm still not sure about the 10mhz speed difference, Wadda yer rekon?
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