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JOPE….I wasn’t sure if the flicker was caused by the scart lead rather than the modulator, I used a modulator on the Amiga I sold and it worked ok then, apart from that the TV scarts are all in use, i.e. DVD, Digi-box and PS2, so the mod will come in handy,

DAMIEN… that quote you left is spot on, the mouse turned up today and I sussed it, after a lot of clicking in the wrong sequences, (I was right, I did jump the gun) but its done now, there’s a dark line followed by a white line faintly cycling up the screen, but its nothing to do with the game, but I can live with that, and luckily there’s no trainer on this copy, so its all systems go,

I can play with the old woman now (Dynablaster that is) and give her the usual thrashing she’s used to, only fair really, seeing as there’s a few games that she thrashes me on (regularly)

I really want to do the 5 player mode, but I haven’t seen a 4 way J/s adaptor anywhere, and if anyone can point me in the right direction I’d be grateful,

So thanks again for everyone’s help, it’s much appreciated,

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