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We both know how difficult it is to create a Amiga mod of any quality & originality.

My basic project was initiated by the Amiga xmas spoof songs thats fine for one track but songs about amiga spoof or not should have more originality than lyrics & to my mind at least part of the mix should be created from a real machine.

I can well understand that a paid comercial venture takes prioity on your time over any hobby project.

So basically I have been trying to colect a list of EAB muscians who could "add their bit " to track as opposed to doing the whole thing.

In this respect niether existing copywrite or full time involement need be a worry for those who contribute.

At the end of the day it's about doing something new as opposed to re-hashing the classics of old.

I have the experience to bring these mixes together & will happily verify my real time involvement playing my part at Manchesters old Spirit studio,s bringing together what eventually became the phenoma of Factory Records under Tony Wilson & working live to engineer at the Hacienda.

No panic if you have not the time though as I understand sometimes it's very hard to re-visit the grey areas of creativity without the spectre of nostagia reminding you just WHY you have held back for so long

Cos when music aint fun no more it's it's time to quit
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