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Originally Posted by Ray Norrish
The developers used a pathetic playroutine as well
If you ever need a top mod player for the GBA/DS then might be worth contacting James Boulton I seem to remember he wrote one that was used in several GBA games including Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2.

He's keen Atari ST programmer, co-author of SainT Atari ST emulator, (but dont let that put you off) and all round video game maestro.

Plus he likes Guinness so he cant be all bad.

Originally Posted by Ray Norrish
What [remix] did you have in mind?
The Killing Game Show loader/ingame4 is just PLEADING for an official author Remix with quality modern electric guitars drum sequencing. While the original was great, the 8-bit sample quality of the Amiga is really holding back this tune.

Whatever you do, dont mess with the timing of the songs (too much) because that always spoils remixes IMHO.

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