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That's true, the hopes of the future was over with commodore but as long as the amiga brand is owned by someone, it will be used to ruin the name and the memory. It promises power to those who are engulfed with greed but it will only bring their own doom like it did bring doom to Commodore and Escom.

Amiga Inc is the brandbearer, their precious Amiga brand gives them unnatural long life. However, there is only one true owner of the brand and that is Jay Miner. The brand has it's own will and soon will leave Amiga inc like the way it left Gateway, Commodore and Escom.

Years passed after his death but Miner's spirit endured, not in psyhical form but he is alive within us, believing amigans. Amiga will become history and history will become legend but some day it will return as a reality.

But don't expect this to happen in a century or two.

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