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Originally Posted by Mick_AKA View Post
If you think you're going to take 30+ year old floppies out of your attic in 2028 and be 'ready to go' you're going to be in for a shock, I already have game floppies that are rotten despite having been stored in perfect conditions.

As others have said, the best way for you to go is get an Amiga 1200 with hard disk (desent one will cost you about 30 quid) you will be able to play 99.99% of amiga floppy based games and of course be able to use WHDLoad.

It really is the best way to go, my A500 is nothing but a nice museum piece.
The game plays ok apart from the flicker, but I remember from about 18 years ago that I definitely had to click the mouse buttons at a certain time, maybe to change it from ntsc to pal? So far I’ve been doing it with a joystick, but its possible it might not recognise what’s going on and wants a mouse click instead,

I could be jumping the gun by not waiting for the mouse to turn up, should be more patient I know, I know it’s a lot asking someone to remember something from 20 odd years ago, especially when I cant remember last week,

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