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Spectrum was ok. It helped A LOT in bringing up the computer generation.

It has better BASIC than my CBM64 (although you needed the fingers of a juggler both to "type" the commands and to do it on such a BAD keyboard - both the rubber and the plastic rectangular of "plus" reincarnations).

Its graphics sucked BIG time (some times it is questionable if it had better gfx than Atari 2600...).

I will never forget the common "tape loading error" near the end of loading (!) I witnessed at my friend's house waiting for minutes to load a game. I was a floppy user from day one, so this was unknown to me (the loading error - except when disks were dead - not the load times )...

I have to be honest though. Before I got my CBM64 (or KNEW that I'd get one), I had a 1:1 Spectrum "rubber version" photo under the glass of my study table (I was maybe 8) and... practiced typing.

Ah, the days...

Now comparing speccy games with Amiga games on their "common" years is unfair. Then someone would make a video of the very late Amiga years (or even of today if we consider Amiga alive through the community - or AmigaOne etc. ...) and the 2nd (or 3rd) gen PC games (after VGA with true-color was common - because remember first VGA was far from true color)... and we wouldn't like the results. (not meaning that there are not some games that never ever grasped the original Amiga feeling in any other build - but that doesn't mean anything)

BTW with early 8 bitters it was fun writing software but this doesn't show well on any youtube.
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