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Originally Posted by Fred the Duck View Post
If you wanted to be fair, try some VGA comparisions. I'd think Retro Nerd's Amiga/Atari ST video is much better.

By the way I think Amiga gaming is the best ever. I am pointing out a wicked flaw in your video.
Can you tell us where this video is?

I'd like to see a spectrum Vs C64 Vs Amstrad CPC vs Atari800 Vs Amiga500 Vs Atari ST vs PC video. No matter which version looks the best people can always have a laugh at the spectrum version and the spectrum owners are used to putting their heads in the sand and claiming their version to be the best regardless of reality anyway

They'd have to be games from the late 80s to early 90s to cross all platforms.

The downside to converting C64 and Amiga games to this video format is that you loose the smooth hardware scrolling - which is the first thing I notice when ever I play a scrolling game on other platforms. Smooth scrolling is one thing I took for granted back in those days.

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