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Angry Dynablaster Flicking and Clicking

Just got a couple of joysticks from eBay for the 500 today, I had to give em a clean and some WD40 coz they were a tad sticky, but ok now,

Just waiting for the modulator and a mouse to turn up, I’m trying to get it back to how my other “sold” one was set up, and then hopefully I’ll remember a way to get rid of the Dynablaster flicker when the game loads out of the vision factory screen and into the game play itself,

Luckily some computer genius, brilliant helpful bloke on here enabled me to have it on CD for the PC...

But I would like to have the Amiga up and running like it used to be, Inc playing Dynablaster on it, I’ve read a few post about clicking the mouse when loading the game, but I think they were just speculative,

A definite solution would be greatly appreciated

Cheers all…..Steve
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