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Thankyou Ian, I am aware of MrDigs site, and i am quite sure that he does not 'tag' disks.

Malc, if you want your disks protected so much, do not put them on the web for download, there are no excuses for fucking with images.. as i said, i have dumped a few thousand adfs..I didn't make them, I dumped someone elses hard those disks are spread all over the web, and I'm not worried about no credit simply because i wanted to dump my collection, and saw no reason why other people can't benefit from my work.

If you are not a difficult person, I hope you won't be tagging disks anymore, excepting those that you did make from scratch like your disksalv disk.

I hope Bobbic from BTTR is reading all of this, as they like to also modify the disk name of their demo disks.

All of these fun little changes to disks are completely irreversible and decrease the quantity of original 'clean' disk images on the web.

Before modifying disks, ask yourself 2 questions
1) did i make this disk from a blank floppy?
2) is it a workdisk?

If neither of these questions are true and other people get your modified disk, you are simply adding to the entropy of the already messy amiga scene; and with the odd 40000 images out there, do we need more?
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