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I think we can use the term, Personal Computer insofar as IF there were more than just games made for the device.

for instance, Office Software, Creative Software such like professional music and raytracing packages, Programming software, Platform standards as mentioned before will also play in this as well.

But i supose it comes down in the end on how it is marketed, after all my phone has a keyboard, office apps and i can play dos DOOM on it with a selection of EMU's

I think in retrospect that the 'term' console is infact a wrong one, as the new 'consoles' are totally upgradeable to fully take advantage of everything, where as in the days of yawn, there were only like a handfull of games on a console and that was it... (if anyone here remember the Binatone and pong type games.)

we could take it further and include the Atari VCS as indeed it was sold as a console but more so, you could only play carts. if you wanted to program them you had to have a developer kit from atari.

as much as i want to say IF its sold with a keyboard / mouse one could say its a computer, but thats not the truth, as a lot have a virtual keyboard and something thats as good or an approximation of a mouse / pointy device.

I think in contrary to what has been said, this is a good poll, it really does get the brain thinking upon what actually could be defined as a console.
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