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There has to be a "" file on the volume to control the window display info and snapshot position.

I think Workbench adds these to disks automatically upon snapshot, but obviously the ram disk will lose the settings on reboot and CDs are read only. Most CD drivers use a default icon in the ENV: folder that can be changed with your required settings as OddbOd said.

Scalos used in my ClassicWB packs can snapshot all disks, even those that don't have files on them - it's one of its cool features. It stores the settings in a separate icon folder, so you can control the position and size of all disk icons easily and also where they appear on Workbench.

Standard Workbench has utilities you can download from aminet like ramsnap for ram disks, or you can add a line to your startup-sequence that copies a file to the ramdisk at boot.

There are default icon tools available on Aminet that might also do the same thing, like the one included with the NewIcon packages.

I have no experience with DirOpus as a Workbench replacement, so I can't comment on that.
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