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I hadn't noticed that, but it's true... it's stupid to want reality and use cheat mode at the same time...

Other day I copied raine and a few games for it to a 13 years old kid, then I made the stupid thing of telling him how to cheat with Raine (The emulator itself has a built-in "cheater" ).. I first played Dodonpachi to show him, then he begun to play, but he enabled EVERY cheat on the game, he didn't even know what each cheat did, he just wanted all cheats on...

So I watched him playing... it really made me feel mad, there was no game whatsoever, I just told him "Why don't you just keep the bomb button pressed? With imunnity, Infinite Lives and Infinite Bombs, there's no need to pretend you're playing something"

And that's what I see most of the time... people who pretend they are playing something...
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