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Thanks for that shortcut andreas. I've just been playing around with the options and found a reset button under the misc tab too - it doesn't allow you to alter the display or config options but you can use it to change games so that's something at least.

I've been keeping an eye on eBay and seen a few 1200s. Some of them go for very silly prices, but there's still the odd bargain to be had. I'll keep searching anyway. Thanks for the tip TG. What's so annoying is that I used to have all these games myself before I committed the cardinal sin of selling them *sob*. I was young and stupid. What can I say?

Oh btw have you all been checking for hardware on the Yahoo and MSN auction sites? There's nowhere near as much Miggy stuff there but they're still worth a peek.

A CD32 with a keyboard attached would be nice. I'm told you need one of those addon module things which I can't remember the name of to do this so I'll keep an eye out for one of those too. There used to be a huge car boot sale held every Sunday a few miles down the road from me which would be perfect for finding these gems but sadly it closed down. Now all I'm left with are piddling little ones with just a handful of stalls selling granny clothes and junk.

I think I'm starting to get the hang of WinUAE now - I've just been playing Robocod (one of my all time faves) and it's almost perfect. The graphics were clear and centred and filled most of the screen. The save state feature works great. The only thing I need to tweak now is the sound and I'll be a happy bunny again - that's probably suffering because I've got lots of other apps running in the background at the same time so if I shut those down I should be able to sort that out too. Woohoo!
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