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Originally Posted by Saltaren View Post
Hello again, and thanks for the replys!

Ok, I removed the M501-s RAM & Clock expansion, and now I get an all black screen and a slight humming sound from the amiga but nothing more. The expension card however, did not look too well on the underside.

Regarding the caps lock key, Yes. When I turn the power on it lights up for a second! I can also press it a few times so that the LED turns off/on.
hmmm looks like you got some moisture problems in your amiga...perhaps it was stored in a damp environment?...anyhow your next step is to take off the cover and metal shield, clean/blow off any dirt/dust on mb and re-seat all socketed IC's..while ur there check all connections to the power, keyboard, floppy etc....

be patient and good luck
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