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afaik, there is only the PPC build - which i'm using on an Intel MacBook and has been working fine.

you will need the hi-toro GUI too probably:

i disagree that WinUAE is "far superior" - it's just the functionality of the GUI and the lack of a x86 e-uae build (any volenteers?) that lets it down.

re: running parallels on MacBook - i tried with with winuae-kaillera build and you get a different FPS every time you run it... not to mention some choppy sound. I'm also buggered if i can get the F12 key working, despite making sure leopard isnt grabbing it and stopping me using it....
very odd considering F3 for search seems to work.

Oh and help/del keys and the numpad are also unreachable... but this is true on e-uae too!

Normal WinUAE i think ran ok, but no better than e-uae, with the exception of the functionality. Not really worth it considering i couldnt hit F12.

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