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Originally Posted by ST Dragon View Post
I’m an old-school gamer, I prefer 2D Shoot Em Ups like R-Type & Gradius, Ikaruga, Raiden, Parodius. But so far to my knowledge, none of this genre has been released on any of the 3 consoles?!
Agree, all of the above shoot 'em ups rock

I'd like to add a few more like Cobra Command / Flying Shark / Salamander / Tiger Heli / Twin Cobra / U.N. Squadron etc to the list though...

Originally Posted by Graham Humphrey View Post
I think this should be in Retrogaming General Discussion rather than off-topic as it's not very off-topic
Yeah, since this thread has remained on-topic and is really about old school 2D type shoot 'em ups (even though on next gen consoles), thread moved
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