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I agree that this is a somewhat heavy handed way to try to force feedback, but I assume that's probably the result of frustration in getting anybody to actually tell him anything specific. I saw a thread on the UAE discussion board once where try as he might, the best he could get out of anybody was that "tons" of games don't work with it enabled. That has to be maddening when all you want is a reproducible case that will fail so that you can fix the problems. Lots of people are willing to complain loudly that the emulation isn't perfect, but too few seem to be willing to help provide information that would help to make it so.

As for the GUI bug you mentioned, I'd have to agree that this would have to be called a "bug". Fortunately, this one ought to be a snap to reproduce, so I'd think it would be fixed quickly once Toni has become aware of it.
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