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Hmmm, specifics:
Some may have to wait on my being in front of the correct PC (or my v. bad memory improving)

For the mo'.
Looking @ the files from my account (sorry some are out of date, but good enough):
The 'hyperion archive' is in Drivers.part1+2.rar -> Drivers\AmIthlonUpdates\System Updates\Amithlon\ AmithlonUpdate.lha (needed)

Drivers\AmIthlonUpdates\System Updates\New Drivers\ drivers090.lha is the archive associated with Gary's latest kernel. (needed)

The FB driver update is also needed (included in AmithlonUpdate.lha) - you'll know if it's installed if Sys: Devs/Monitors/ contains: powerfb... ...powerfb5

Dedicated machine - hardcore! Good show!
Believe it or not you do have a bootloader even if it's not obvious... did you HD-install Amithlon? Will reveal which one.
Most likely: lilo, Grub, Dos...
Getting @ those boot options can be important for correct function - esp on newer hardware:
# Give me my ram back
title Amiga OS
root    (hd0,2)
kernel  /amithlon/kern300 console_level=0 init=/linuxrc root=/dev/ram0 mem=512M vga=769 ramdisk_size=2310 leavepages=5200 vesa_defaults=0 cachesize=65536
initrd  /amithlon/smallird.gz
Is a standard Grub entry for kernel3.0 that should work with a supported nVidia card.
(plenty more examples from my account files along with explanation)
There are many more options - if needed.

If all the needed files/drivers are installed within AmigaOS & you're still getting nowhere my guess is that whatever installation method you used didn't cover said boot-params & whatever the default is isn't appropriate to your hardware.

It's worth mentioning that many (not all!) of these params are covered in the default Sys:S/startup-sequence of the OS3.9 included with Amithlon. Make sure these are commented out ( ; ) or removed to prevent clashes.

Hope that gets you somewhere.

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