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Mode Promotion on a 1200 - please advise. (MechForce)

I'm trying to mode promote an old Amiga game (MechForce - which uses an interlace mode) to a non-interlace mode.

I can run the game okay, but my Voodoo (via my TV card) doesn't support interlace and seems to remove half the horizontal lines making thing quite difficult to read.

I'm doing this in an OS 3.1 environment, and I've had some success in that I can get the game to run in some weird screenmode 1280x200 or something, and although its not practical to play in that mode, the text looks great!

So if the interlace mode is 640x512 are there any likely non-interlace resolutions (hacks?) I can promote to on a normal (not multisynch) Amiga monitor?

Go on, you know you want to offer some advice.
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