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You anti OS4 people are the ones being zealots. Attacking people in threads about OS4. If you have no interest in OS4 you have no business in OS4 threads disrespecting people who do show an interest.

If someone is interested in having a look at OS4 how does that make them a fanatic. This is an Amiga forum. We should be able to discuss anything amiga in a civilized manor. You anti OS4 people are the ones turning this in or with your extreme views on what can and cant be discussed here.

Just leave people be...

Originally Posted by Graham Humphrey View Post
I don't really think AmigaMac is the whole point here. The point is if people want to talk about OS4, whether running it on a Mac or otherwise, they should be allowed to without being consistently harassed by people who don't like it. I thought this was meant to be a friendly forum but obviously I was wrong.

Simply put (like Horace says): if there are people who really hate and despise it, ignore these threads. Rocket science it ain't.
As a moderator cant you start deleting obvious troll posts?
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