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there is still no excuse for acting like elitist wankers against people who ARE interested in OS4... it is still Amiga related, and this remains an Amiga forum.

Common courtesy, respect for the opinions of others, freedom for people to take interest in whatever projects they prefer.... are these not postitive attitudes that should be strived for on -any- forum?

i'm sorry retro-nerd, but it's this forum that looks like a "playschool" when you look at some of the posts in the OS4-on-Mac related threads, and frankly not all of us want to be tarred with the same brush.

You've already made it very clear you arent interest in the project, so why continue to comment on it, and insult those who are intested as "fanatics"? that doesnt make for a very open-minded viewpoint, considering they could say exactly the same about anyone who remains interest purely in classic amigas.
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