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besides the sense/senseless of AOS4:

This AmigaMac guy uploaded a highly illegal boot CD which could endanger the EAB. Sure, the danger is probably low but present. You can't compare it with the 10-20 year old games, which were uploaded here usually.

About a tired community:

It's hardly surprising that Morph OS/AOS4 developer gave up. There is a tiny and mostly grumbling fan base. Check their forums, looks like a playschool.

EAB is a place of wonderful Amiga projects without a touch of retro nostalgia/feelings.

Otherwise: Look what pure enthusiasts like Jens Schoenfeld/Oliver Achten have done for the Amiga/C-64 community. Compare it with the modern Amiga scene and cry.

Fred is right: There are enough fanatic forums, EAB is none of these.
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