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i come to this forum a lot, and dont give a monkeys about running OS4 myself (if there's no whdload , there is no point for me) - i also dont see the OS as having any kind of future either (sorry, that's just my viewpoint)

however, even i dont understand the OS4 hostility and think a few members of this board have been a tad out-of-line, almost taking it personally.... although i show little sympathy to AmigaMac himself, who clearly doesnt have a clue, and just wanted to look clever, the concept and stuff is at least interesting, and i think a few people who have shown an interest have been given a pretty hard time.

if someone wants to run OS4, that's their choice... if you are not interested, just look elsewhere. the fact people are trying to bend the rules and do it with other hardware i would have thought would only get applause rather than some of the disgraceful bashing that has been dished out by certain members of this board, who really should be acting their age.
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