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I am also new here, but I've made a mental note to my self of the following:

1) People here seems hardcore 68k, and many feel that PPC amigas are a waste of time and are happy with pure nostalgic retro value of the Amiga platform

My thoughts on this is that I by far agree, though I owned a PPC amiga in my time and also want to own one again. But I'm mostly into the Amiga because I've been with it since the 500, and I owned a 1200 and a 4000PPC.

2) AmigaMAC release was/is illegal. No matter how you twist and turn the issue. And this forum has it's own brand of morals when it comes to piracy. Some is okay, some is not. The morals are thought through (I paraphrase: don't pirate things that you still can get by legal means, rest is okay).

My thoughts on this is that most people doesn't read forum policy or must read before posting notices, etc. So that AmigaMAC tripped is somewhat understanable. But if the AWN allegations by Andrea Vallinotto that his laptop was stolen, AmigaMAC is participating in a (to me) far more serious crime. But we must remember that these are allegations by an unverified email to moderators on an internet forum. My reason for bringing them up in this thread was the hammering AmigaMAC got for not being able to provide better documentation, my rationale was that if the code was stolen it could explain why he wasn't better able to provide documentation for it.

3) OS4 is a cesspool of bad carma for the Amiga community. Late, outdated, and in a legal quagmire a lot of hostillity can be stired up just mentioning it.

My feelings on OS4 is that its a good thing. I'm an idealist. I recognize that I can't use my Amiga at the present for anything else than fun and games of old. But my wish is that someone becomes able to take the IP and the legacy and make a worth while computing platform of it.

4) Fear of being made a laughing stock of.

Most people hate to be tricked. It makes them look like fools. So most people just dismiss or even attack people who they think makes claims that are too good to be true. I for one will approach most people with openess but also with a healty dose of sceptisism. That's my defence when something turns out to be a hoax: At least I checked, but I didn't expect too much.

5) A tired community.

I've been a lurker for ages on AWN, AORG and here. What I've noted is an increasing level of hostility and trolling. To me it culminated when Plato(Chris Hodges, writer of Poseidon USB stack) got so tired of the way amigians treat eachother that he just simply quit. It also got quite evident that most amigians also recognize this state in the community when very few blamed him for leaving and also gave him support and said that it was completely understandable. I was one of those, even though it pains me that I never will be able to get a decent USB stack for my amigas.

Even though I'd promised my self to stay out of this thread after seing how people who wanted to discuss the merrits of the OS4 Mac iso were treated in this and previous thread I couldn't help it...
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