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As far as prefetch is concerned, I think the CPU always fetches instructions until it is longword aligned.
I am remembering that Super Offroad's decryption code don't work with this method.

UAE's current prefetch code was "stolen" from Mame's m68k emulation and it seems to work quite well compared to old prefetch code.

I would love to be able to set registers and tell the CPU to start at a certain location like the AR cartridge allows. What do you use when you are debugging "dodgy" Amiga programs under emulation and where can I get it without having to compile myself?
You don't want to know

For example, if I want to know when program writes to memory location x, I add simple comparison to chipmem_xget()-subroutines and call activate_debugger() when addr == x. (BTW: WinUAE's simple build-in debugger is activated by pressing SHIFT+F12)
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