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About 30 - 40 US$.

Check this file on Aminet:

This is the device driver needed for PCMCIA network adaptors. It comes with a big list of cards that are supported/not supported.

Keep in mind that the PCMCIA slot on Amiga computers does not reset the card properly (you have to turn off your machine to reset the PCMCIA card). Most people will tell you that you'll need to do a hardware modification to fix that. That's not true, get CardReset instead:


>> does really work?

Yes. I've got two A1200 (and my A2000) connected this way.

>> can i make adfs in this way?

Yes. The but the Amiga needs top have a harddisk. and some FastRAM would be good too...

>> do i need anything else to get this to work software/hardware?

Once you have a TCP/IP connection established (that means the machines can "see" each other), you need software to transfer files. You could either use some Server/Client combination (FTP server on your Amiga, FTP client on your PC, or Telnet server/client). But the most common way is to use Amiga SAMBA, which lets you share drives between the machines (Windows has SMB support built in).
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