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Originally Posted by Pyromania View Post

You also got Windows with that 486 so I'm not so sure you got a better deal after all.

I understand where your coming from though. They were charging too much for Amiga add-ons.
I only had DOS 5, I swiped it from the school IT dep. because they had literally tons of software still sealed up (licensing and all that), Windows 3 I was given, alas my true love the Amiga was still around and soon I thought maybe Amiga parts have fallen in price now, maybe... but alas I took that £200 I had made from the sale of the 486 (and saved) and baught a Cyrix 686 PR200 + mobo + S3 vid card + 32Mb ram and I think that lot was equal to a decent A1200 in price!
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