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Originally Posted by ziosante View Post
TLSF has some evident bug with the AvailMem(MEMF_LARGEST) function.
I'll do some debug and try to see if I can fix the problem.
Hi Sante !

The problem with AvailMem is, that TLSFMem doesn't like memblocks with a
size larger than 2 GBytes, because unfortunately it works with signed longs
and uses the wrong condition-codes for its branches. Thus every memblock
with 2 GByte or more is treated as a negative number and causes crashes!

One remark according IconBeFast v1.16 in systempatch 3.0:
There is some part of the documentation which belongs to the icon.library patch v2.0x in your It's not true that v1.16 has a colormap cache like v2.0x and that also means it's just about 4 times faster with icon loading and not 6 times.
Further, could you make a short note that the users of your patch collection won't need TagLiFE anymore in their startup-sequence, just to avoid patching the same functions twice.

But anyway, thanks a lot for your systempatch, I still use it

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