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Excellent analogy, Shatterhand. But there's a serious dichotomy going on there. While these kids claim they want (ahem) "realism", how can they claim this when they are using a cheat and have unlimited lives or invincibility?

The bottom line? People are fucking stupid. Like Harlan Ellison often rants about and it's easy to see why he's so pissed off at the way the human race has degraded to beneath the lowest common denominator. Gamers have become so brain-dead, they dare not delve into any other game genre. All they want is the same fucking arm with an almost identical collection of guns to switch out, and a bunch of tunnels or paths with a 3D view so they can bounce their viewing perspective (very unrealistic views, IMHO) and shoot things. It's like a bleek, dim version of the old shooting gallery games on the 8-bit systems. And heaven forbid if modern gamers should have to dip into that empty resource of their imagination!

I don't have a favorite FPS and never will. It's like having a favorite Beavis and Butthead episode. Or a favorite Limp Bizkit song. Or a favorite Police Academy film.

I am 100% convinced that people just keep getting stupider every single day and they meld into the media machine that does all of their thinking for them.

A few weeks ago, Pyromania emailed me a wonderful's from The Onion and is an interview with Ellison. I always enjoy hearing him piss and moan about how stupid people are, so if you didn't get enough of that from me, I highly recommend reading his interview here, since he echos so much of what I think about what a bunch of idiots people have become.
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