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Hmm, I agree with Drake at some points... while Quake is classic for some newer players, it will never be a classic for us, who grown up playing really good games like Turrican .

I hade a huge discussion about that with some guys in a games channle in a brazilian IRC server, and I got some conclusions

The truth is that the newer generation of players aren't REAL LOVING GAMERS like we are. We like to sit, to play a game and enjoy it. I have the feeling that what the younger player needs to enjoy a game is:

1 - FANTASTIC 3D GRAPHICS. Most newer players won't even approach a game with 2d graphics, and if it's in 3D, they need to have zillions of poligons, even if they still look crap. (Argument of a guy in that channel: "Look at Max Payne... " (A game that I rather liked) "... the graphics are just great!" and then I say (Yeah, it has lots of poligons really, pushing the PC and all, but don't they look really bland?"

2 - REALISM. Newer players need a feeling that they are doing something realistic, even although they obviosuly aren't (and realism many times kills gameeplay... argument from that same guy "Max Payne is a very realistic game, look the way he moves, the locations..." me: "Yeah, very realistic the way you push the right button and you just slow down the whole world. And that's not a fucking "Cinematic effect" , this name was given just to sell the game, the slowdown actually affects the gameplay a LOT"

3 - IT HAS TO BE EASY. When I say easy, I say it has to be something the player will understand and master in 5 minutes. I think that's the main reason why all games nowadays are the same. Newer players need the feeling they are always WINNING, or else the will move to something else. Ok, a game like , say , Starcraft may take a long time to beat, but it's just a matter of repeat the same strategy over and over and over. And you can even save the game at anytime, so you can resume the game at any point you want. And you also may search internet and find lots of cheat for games. I am tired of young players come at me, and ask if I have a cheat mode for X or Y game. I even know some little kids that only plays the game if he knows the FUCKING CHEAT MODE. Take a look at the most sucessfull multiplayer games. 95% of them are just about memorizing where maps, requiring few or no skill at all. Give a game like Uridium 2 for a younger player, and he will just go and say "What the hell, those ships don't attack me the same way all the time... hey, I need to DODGE those bullets? Can't I just press a button to do it automatically? Hey, where's the cheat mode?... bah, I'll play a FPS, it's just easier to play.."

That's what I say.. we LOVE games... they don't...
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