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The whole game thing changes I guess. And the reason there were so many of the earlier games which seemed better must be in part because of the fond memories we had. But still there's something wrong. I just bought Pizza connection 2 in hopes that it would be a bit like Pizza tycoon. It was indeed a bit like it, but way too confusing and they had removed many of the great things as well. No more having a time limit for moving around. You hired thugs to go mess up competitors or gangsters to demand protection money, or reported the competitor to the police.

I liked the old game where you could always make a quick buck by running a small job for the mafia, and you'd better plan how much time you needed for moving because otherwise they'd get upset with you. I also liked the subgame feel of sabotageing the opponent. But I have a feel that if I found a person who's into the newer gaming who'd actually like one of the two I'd think he'd chose pizza connection 2 because of the better graphics and more management options. And if you look at it. There are still plenty games which actually are good, but will never be classics for us.
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