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A fair question - I've never given it much thought TBH.

My belief is that as far as AmigaOS on Amithlon is concerned > AGP 2x is most defiantly overkill. So to answer your question increasing AGP speed will make no difference - it's already going faster than AmigaOS or any 68k software can possibly drive such hardware.

Why? The 'best' GFX cards on a 'real' Amiga are based off a PCI bus of one type or another, so AGP already offers more bandwidth. Arguably the 'best' supported card on a 'real' Amiga is the Voodoo 5. The 'minimum-spec' card under Amithlon is likely to be a Geforce2 which has a much faster GPU capable of higher resolutions, etc.
Figure into this hardware that sustains much higher global throughput than any 'real' Amiga and an (emulated) '040 running between 200-1200mhz...

...This is all way in excess of anything any Amiga software was designed for, so you just can't saturate any of the buses or GPU's. Basically for any 68k software that will run under RTG you may as well use the maximum resolution your monitor supports - there won't be any slowdown!

The only fly in the ointment is that Warp3D doesn't officially support Amithlon (another fiasco) so there is no hardware 3D acceleration. As it happens a software driver exists so Warp3D software will work. Funny thing is though you'd think that would be a major handicap, a good Amithlon system has such an excess of processing clout that you're very unlikely to notice.

For any that may be wondering: The above is in no way meant to be any form of Amiga bashing. It's simply the consequence of a great OS running on more modern hardware than was ever intended.
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