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Piracy of games didn't kill the amiga.

High cost of the hardware did kill it. Compared to the low cost of pc hardware at the same time. Want to upgrade an amiga one add-on hardware board, you could buy a pc for the same price. The amiga users i knew back then all wanted cheap pc hardware also for their amiga, but was not possible.

Ok some of us converted our amiga/s to sit in a tower. All just so we could buy and use cheaper hard disks and have all-in-one box sollution, pc wannabees maybe. But it gave us room for improvement, but still none of us could afford amiga specific high cost hardware. We all were in the hope of using low cost pc hardware with a cheap amiga add-on board to attach pc hardware to. Like the EID0 controller did for for connecting hds and cd drives. Yes each of us ended up with a few cheap pc 3.5 hds and 030 or 040 accelerators with memory upgrades etc.

Of note none of us kept this amiga thing going, we wanted still cheaper hardware for our amiga. The only thing to do was sell up and move over to a pc with another non amiga os, most installed ms os. We all sold at a drastic loss our amigas except one. He couldn't find a buyer and threw the lot in the bin.

This is what many amiga users did, and yes they are still using a pc loaded with an ms os.

For me i could no longer parcipitate in longing for hardware that i could never afford. I needed a usable pc with many ad-ons. I didn't like the ms os's at the time. Left computing for a short while, got back into it with advent of ms xp os, never looked back.

Now there is winuae i have the best of both worlds. A fast pc and an amiga to use on it. And the hardware i buy is cheap and affordable. Which is the reason i'm still using and enjoying computing today.

The cost of Amiga add-on hardware killed the amiga, not software piracy.
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