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Originally Posted by AMIGAZ View Post
I have three ram slots and two of them or for dual channel mode, I never got my machine to boot with two of the sticks (dual channel) but with one stick I could make it boot partially
I also removed all my overclocking settings in my BIOS but still couldn't get the system to boot fully
I gave up on it then but I'm going to give it another go with more "relaxed timings" but not sure what they look like...
I remember I also tried maxing out the RAM voltage settings in the BIOS to what is recommended to the OCZ RAM I use

That GF7800 must be quite powerful....let's you run quite new game titles, right?
OCZ is a good brand - most unfair it's not working.
This article may help with the 'black art' of memory timings.
eg: If your memory timing is say: 2,3,3,8 then 'relaxing' the timings to 2.5,4,4,10 will help things run more stably.
In BIOS try changing command rate from 1T -> 2T first (gives the rams more time to do their stuff) - more stable, if slower.

The AGP GF7800GS is a good card until you realise how much better it could be if nVidia hadn't nobbled it! This is such a problem that many card manufacturers used the un-nobbled but otherwise identical core that nVidia intended for the PCIe version because there were so many complaints.
nVidia's 'excuse' was the AGP bus didn't have the bandwidth to cope - Hah! Just marketing sh*te! Even 7900GTX's don't saturate the AGP bus.

Plenty of peeps deliberately broke their GS's so they could RMA them either for a proper 7800(GT) for the same money or a 7600GT for the same performance @ half the price!

Sorry - ranting now. This kind of stunt drives me mad - any product should be as good as the manufacturer can make it for the price. Too much of this 'product placement' goes on these days.
-AGP cards deliberately nobbled to 'encourage' the belief that PCIe is better than AGP. (True, but not an issue for that generation of GPU)
-The Porsche Cayman is a better car then the 911, but as the 911 is the 'leading model' they made sure the Cayman is slower for no technological reason.
-Many supermarkets have to spend money bastardising 'own-brand' products just to make sure they are not as good as the 'branded' version...

...drives me round the twist!
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