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I think once C was gone it really did not matter about Piracy as consumer confidence was gone. I have great admiration for Escom giving it its best but the damage i think was done by then. Im not saying Escom wasnt big or anything but they werent really a household name like Commodore and they really gave it a good shot and almost pulled it off.

If Rolls Royce went bust could you really trust or have the same faith in Fiat if they started producing them instead...Some would say Fiat's a nice car a big company and a houshold name unlike Escom at the time so im being generous in comparision.......But it still isnt Rolls Royce

As for the other reasons you mention you may well be right... However its all irrelivent now as we can run our Amigas through our PC's and play games better and faster than ever before
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