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Piracy did not kill the Amiga, though it may have helped finish it off once C= was on the way out.

This argument is generally trotted out for one of two reasons:
-Incompetent vested interests looking for a scapegoat.
-The feeble-minded confusing a moral issue with a practicable problem.

The PC is a viable platform despite the vast majority of software running on it being of dubious origin.

Incompetence (and some bad luck) killed the Amiga. There was so much 'bad stuff' going on it's hard to lay any blame.

FWIW: I think it was finally over for C= (and Amiga) in 1987 when Thomas Rattigan was ousted. C= was already heading for bankruptcy, but in the space of a few months he turned a profit. Then instituted a proper joined-up R&D + business plan that saw C= through to 1994 despite the best efforts of Irvin Gould & the LBM to bugger things up. (among others)
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