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Commodore killed the Amiga !!
To much greed and not enough listening to its customers.
A simple thing like we wanted a CD ROM and David Pleasance said it was not the future of gaming.......Prices far to high for products and componants they released the Amiga 4000 at about 2000 which was very unrealistic.

However the Amigas Demise was the PC's future !!
Whilst we were playing amazing games on the Amiga most Pc's were still 8 colours until Doom came along to set the standard. Athough the Amiga was well up to playing those standard games commodore stood still to reap in the profits rather than look to the future of upgrading its users at reasonable prices so when commodore died there was nothing else but the PC with a clear run to dominate the computer gaming industry. ( im not refereing to console gaming )

Basicly we got stuffed by commodore.

Just my thoughts
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