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Well, I have registered just to answer this topic: I am spanish (and as far as I know "AMIGA" is a spanish word), and situation here is VERY strange:
AMIGA means "female friend", and not "girlfriend" (unless you have sex with your female friends, wich is the best you can do if they allow you to): BUT here's the tricky part: here in spain, Amiga fans DON'T CALL IT "LA AMIGA", but "EL AMIGA" (as we consider the AMIGA a computer, "ordenador" here, and "ordenadores" are MALE).
So, for us spaniards, it's MALE, "el Amiga". For example we would say "┬┐Te vas a traer el Amiga?" wich means "Are you bringing your Amiga along?".
Thats for SPAIN, in Europe.
In south america however, spanish is VERY different, and they tend to make silly-sounding translations like "LA AMIGA" or "LA MSX", wich are indeed painfull for spanish ears. For them, the Amiga is female...well, everything is female for those guys if you ask me: they translate "low pass filter" as "filtro paso baja", so go figure...
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