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Most unfair your RAM not working - I always thought ASUS boards were actually more tolerant of ram than DFI ones.
Questions (stuff you've probably done):
-Runing dual-channel? Tried the other pair of slots?
-Single channel mode is often more stable & isn't that much slower.
-Does it work with one stick? If so two sticks may just need the timings relaxing a bit.
-Does it work @ lower speeds? DDR400 (FSB 200) If so you're being limited by your northbridge - time to up the voltage a bit & see if your northbridge needs better cooling.
-Fast sticks occ run @ higher voltages than the bios defaults - yours?
-How overclocked is your CPU? If it's marginal for high FSB's this can show up as memory issues - The memory controller is on the CPU with AMD. This doesn't mean you have to reduce reduce FSB, raise multiplier, & then run into wait-states by changing the ram-FSB ratio to keep the ram fast. Better cooling + increasing the core voltage a bit can help. Again relaxing ram timings can help here too.
-BIOS? On my DFI different versions work better with particular brands of ram - especially the modded bios's, ASUS too?
-Watercooling will cure most of the above ills

If worst come to the worst, you can always give me your ram!

Gainward 6800GT, eh?

I have a vague feeling Gary's latest kernel does have limited support for this card. In other words it will run fine but a bit slower than your GF5!
If worst comes to the worst, using Gary's kernel + latest Amithlon GFX update you'll still have full function - just no acceleration, so it will be rather slower than you've been used to...
...having said that my 'A3000' has a VIAKT600(a) chipset, some DDR400 Corsair ram + a GF7600GT card (defiantly not supported) and all works v. well!

Why these choices? VIA + Corsair ram is more stable than nVidia in a cramped case & this system was built for RiscPC (RiscOS) emulation + a GFX card more than good enough to play Oolite.

Funny thing is the GF7800GS in my original Amithlon box won't work @ all! I should never have given my GF4600Ti away. Damn crippled 7800GS is about the same speed as the 7600GT, cost me twice as much, produces more heat, & won't overclock anywhere near as well as the GT - THANKS NVIDIA!
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