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Originally Posted by eilz View Post
THanks for the Tribute CD's I received.

Can I ask a dumb question, I fired up the xbox only disc, which runs into the workbench, BUT when I try and load a whload game, most dont seem to run or run but without sound. Some only run and then come up with a message about whload is not registered.

Been a while since i used the xbox version but you may have to play with the configs on some ( which is still accessible) i think the workbench was set to an amiga 1200 to be most compatable and i have found most to work without to much problem.
The reason you get the WHD not registered version on some games is because it isnt. WHD do a very good job on thier installers etc and only limit some games and as i wasnt out to rip anyone off it was compiled as unregistered.

It was never going to be perfect as there are to many variables for each game and the xbox and workbench to take into consideration

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