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Hello peeps! (more Amithlon converts - yum, yum!)

@DDNI: The system you've been given will run Amithlon just fine (you may need a newer kernel).
1gig Athlon will do the job - GFX card also. Mobo may be the fly in your ointment depending on what you got - If it's VIA or nForce2 you'll be fine otherwise fingers crossed. Sound, NIC, USB, do depend on what chipset your mobo has - most is sortable with a few software/hardware upgrades.
You can build a MUCH faster Amithlon setup, but what you've got (+Amithlon) is already soooo much faster than any RTG 68k or PPC system out there you'll be most pleased anyway.
(FWIW: Top-spec without too much of a fight: DFI Ultra-B + Athlon XP-M2500+@2.5gig + 512mbDDR500dual-channel memory + GF4Ti or GF5 - watercool & overclock to buggery AMIGAZ is using a different mobo & CPU but with much the same spec)

@amigarlz: Bad luck - believe it or not Amithlon is well worth persisting with. I'll get the 'unhelpful' comment out of the way first:
-Apart from it being high time I updated my guide & associated files, I really must DELETE that guide based of freedos - the pretty PDF one, not my boring text file...
Why? I included it as an alternate to my guide for those who don't like my style or as an 'easy' way of setting up a fully-dedicated Amithlon box. My guide assumes you'll want to dual-boot. Trouble is the majority of calls for help are for that guide (not mine ) and as I didn't write it TBH I'm not wholly sure of its nuances...
...if you really want to use that guide give me a PM & I'll see what I can do to help.

On a (hopefully) more helpful front:
1) Download ALL the files on my account. (hope you like the included backdrops - no other b*gger has so much as mentioned them!)
2) Read MY guide through @ least once, print it out, write the Grub-install floppy image to a... ...floppy (a usb floppy drive works for me if your 'pute doesn't have one built in)
3) Have a glance through the Amithlon thread HERE on the EAB as many potential questions may already have been answered.
4) Check out the links to Gary's updated kernel site (in the guide) to make sure you have hardware that stands a chance of running Amithlon.
5) Plod through MY guide step-by-step (taking NO sneaky short-cuts) marveling @ my wonderful prose as you do...
...and you will have a lovely Amithlon system to stun & amaze you and your friends for years to come!
6) @ this point you are then allowed to curse me roundly when the light dawns that my guide has a 'hidden agenda':
-As plain + simple setup as possible (obviously)
-To lead you round the houses more than really necessary for the goal of functioning system (a learning exercise to help familiarise the 'follower' with the inner workings of Amithlon - sneaky, eh?)

For God's sake DON'T use SATA drives!!! Use IDE. If your mobo supports SATA make sure it's disabled in the BIOS even if you don't have one plugged-in.
Amithlon regards SATA as Satan's own protocol! If it gets the merest sniff it will go all 'The Crucible' on you & set fire to the whole lot!!! You've been warned.
(a little over the top, but I hope that point has been made)
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