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Originally Posted by musashi5150 View Post
The biggest problem with the A500+ in my opinion was that it came with 1MB chipram as standard. Most games require 1MB so the average user won't upgrade.

A lot of games assumed there is 512K at $c00000 (the trapdoor ram) and with this not being present in your average A500+ that was a bigger problem, not the kickstart

In that case, that was stupid programmers fault. There are several reliable functions you can use at bootup to detect correctly what extra ram is available on a machine, and the times I saw this piece of shit code just beggars belief:

move.l #'FUCK',$c00100
cmp.l #'FUCK',$c00100
beq.s slow_fast_detected

Lots of games failed because of the mirror 'trick', when a simple call to exec in the bootblock would have given them the correct results.
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