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Hagane (SNES) Any Good?

Hagane (SNES) Any good?

I remember starring at the review photos of Hagane (SNES) in a Gamepro article back in 1995 and thinking, “Wow! This looks so cool!” The graphics were way better compared to Shinobi III on the SEGA Mega Drive and could even rival some NEOGEO titles in the graphics department.

I never got to play the game back then but being a Ninja Gaiden Series (NES) fan, I promised to my self that I’ll try it someday.

From what I can tell, it takes place in a dark themed & sinister setting and mixes elements of traditional Japanese ninja and samurai with a near futuristic setting, filled with robots wielding magic. It also combines Japanese mysticism and sorcery with technology, almost in an unholy kind of way like Doom.

Hagane is supposed to be coming out for the Wii virtual console!

So, how good is this game?
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