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I've seen Bernd replying to a similar report on the UAE discussion board by indicating that this is by design. The "fast copper" option, if it was 100% accurate, should never need to be disabled. The option was provided in order to allow people to try problem games with it disabled in order to see if that made a difference. What Bernd apparently wants from this is for people who find specific titles that won't run with it enabled to report the specifics so that he can use that to debug the fast copper code. Once it works 100%, the intention is to remove the option from the GUI. If you can save the option, then it's a lot less likely that he'll ever hear from people about what games don't work with it turned on.

So far, it appears that this approach hasn't helped him much though. I've seen a number of people complain that "lots" of games won't work if it is turned on, but I've yet to see one person give any detail that would be useful in debugging. Hopefully he has gotten at least a few such reports though, and can use those to fix whatever problems exist.
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